Awakening Support

A safe space to learn and explore. 

Sometimes we just need an understanding of our experiences to begin moving the energy around them. The Empath Girl offers one-on-one support sessions that help you better understand your experiences and begin shifting the patterns holding you back from the life you desire.


This is for you, if you are...

  • Desiring to learn more about the energy of you, your relationships, and your experiences in life

  • Needing a safe space to step into the fullness of what you're experiencing

What You Need to Know
  • These sessions are support and information (empaths, twin flames, heart center consciousness, and awakening) focused. 

  • To get started, please apply for a complimentary 20-minute exploration interview. This will give us a chance to meet and see if we are a good fit and if these sessions are for you. It's important to know, sometimes I may not be the best person to support you on your journey, but may have other support suggestions.

  • Awakening Support sessions are online via Zoom.  



Single Session

One 1.5-hour Session