Awareness Coaching

It's time to discover the truth behind your mask! 

Awareness Coaching is an opportunity to change the way you are experiencing life.


Together, we will explore your life in a way that provides clues to the subconscious beliefs and patterns creating your life experiences. With this awareness and understanding, we will work to create new patterns that allow for a happier and more peaceful life. 

woman keeping a paper with smiling face.

This is for you, if you are...

  • Asking the question "what is wrong with me"

  • Easily triggered and often called "too sensitive"

  • Experiencing big emotions that feel out of your control

  • Repeating non-serving patterns in your relationships

  • Struggling to make changes

  • Experiencing feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and/or shame

  • Experiencing low self-worth and/or feelings of self-hatred

  • Needing constant approval

  • People-pleasing

  • Lacking trust in yourself and others

  • Ready to experience life differently

What You Need to Know
  • Creating awareness and change in our life is a process... and so is coaching. Up to this point, you most likely have lived your life based on the needs and feelings of the people around you. Unfortunately, there is no magic switch to instantaneously turn that off. Transforming these patterns is a process, and coaching consecutively over time is where we can move through the process together creating transformation. If you are curious about the coaching process, please apply for a complimentary 20-minute exploration interview. This will give us a chance to meet and see if we are a good fit and if the coaching process is for you. 

  • I only work with coaching clients that are a good energetic fit and are ready to fully commit to the coaching process. Not all candidates will be accepted, but I may have other wonderful coaches I can refer you to.

  • Awareness Coaching sessions are online via Zoom. 



1 Session

One 1-hour session

via Zoom


8 Session Package

Eight 1-hour sessions

every 1-2 weeks

via Zoom

Save $100