Meridian Energetics®
Energy Healing Sessions


The energy of each of us is formed into several layers or "bodies", each serving its own important role in how we are experiencing life. The etheric body is the energetic template of the physical body, energetically mirroring all the individual components of what we see as our physical body. The etheric body is where imbalances/disease manifest first, before experiencing any signs or symptoms in the physical body. Meridian Energetics® allows the practitioner to access the etheric body and energetically adjust, move, or remove areas of conscious and unconscious concern. 

Meridian Energetics® creates balance!

We all have a natural energetic flow (Chi in Chinese medicine). Meridian Energetics® promotes a balanced energetic flow of your masculine and feminine energy, expanded 12 chakra system, and reactivated etheric meridian system.

Meridian Energetics® unblocks!

When we become energetically blocked by prolonged non-serving "patterns" or templates, the body manifests that block in many ways, including pain and disease. The practitioner will address these issues in the etheric body, where the block originates.

Meridian Energetics® shifts!

One unique aspect of Meridian Energetics® is the level of consciousness at which our work is done. This multidimensional state of consciousness may create a shift in the consciousness of the client that allows for a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Meridian Energetics® promotes manifestation!

Subconscious beliefs can create resistance to that which we consciously feel we desire in our life. Meridian Energetics® helps release that resistance, allowing you to create/manifest in a way that better aligns with what you want and need. 


This service is for you, if you are...

  • Experiencing physical suffering

  • Experiencing mental suffering 

  • Experiencing emotional suffering

What You Need to Know
  • If you are a first time client, please apply for a complimentary 20-minute exploration interview. This will give us an opportunity to connect and make sure this is the right service for you.

  • Each session will be 1.5-hours and will include assessment and consultation, as well as treatment. Your specific needs will be focused on and addressed through the consultation and the energy work.

  • Comfortable, single-layered light clothing is best. You will be required to remove your shoes, but otherwise, remain fully clothed.  At no point will you be required to disrobe.

  • There is light touching through different hand placements around the body, but no manipulation of the skin (massaging). Sarah will fully explain what to expect during your initial 20-minute interview, as well as before the hands-on portion of the session. 

  • It is best to schedule treatments for a time that allows for low physical and mental stress afterward.    

  • You may experience emotional purging and/or light detoxification of the bowels or kidneys for 1 or 2 days after your session. This is a natural process of the body releasing issues, patterns, and vibrations in the physical form.

  • Initial Sessions: Because Meridian Energetics® is a progressive layered process, it is recommended to begin with three sessions over three consecutive weeks as an initial treatment plan. A 3 session package has been created to save on this initial treatment plan. 

  • Maintenance Sessions: Recommended as needed

  • Meridian Energetics®  Energy Healing sessions are hands-on and sessions are in-person. *All in-person sessions are on hold during this time. Please see the Meridian Energetics Remote Energy Healing page.



Single Session



3 Session Package

Saving $50

Three 1.5-hour sessions

every 1-2 weeks

*This and all in-person services are on hold during this time.

Please explore the Meridian Energetics Remote Energy Healing page or reach out to see what other services might support you.

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*All in-person services are on-hold during this time