Meridian Energetics®
Inner Child Meditation Program

Reconnect with YOU!

Embody heart center consciousness on a more permanent basis through the integration of your inner child and higher self.

No meditation experience necessary

Learn transformational yet simple tools to assist you through your awakening journey.

This heart-centered meditation-based development program reconnects you with the aspects of yourself that have been suppressed, shamed, rejected, lost, and forgotten. These aspects influence you every day in how you think, feel, and make decisions, yet you may not even realize it.

This program is for you, if you are...

  • Easily triggered

  • Experiencing big emotions that feel uncontrollable

  • Repeating non-serving patterns in your relationships

  • Experiencing feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and/or shame

  • Experiencing low self-worth and/or feelings of self-hatred

  • Needing constant approval and people-pleasing

  • Lacking trust in yourself and others

  • Not feeling complete unless you are in a relationship

  • Fearing relationships

  • Wanting to begin (or further develop) a meditation practice

  • Desiring further integration of your higher self

  • Seeking embodiment of heart center consciousness

The Meridian Energetics® Inner Child Meditation Program includes
10 sessions divided up into 2 parts (5 sessions in each part).

Part 1

Focuses on inner child integration

and energetic self-care

The little boy or little girl within you is waiting to be integrated through acknowledgment, acceptance, and love. The Meridian Energetics® Inner Child Meditation Program gives you the tools to connect with your inner child in a compassionate and transformative way, shifting the non-serving patterns you have been playing out through your life and allowing for a greater sense of peace and harmony. 

Part 2

Focuses on higher self integration

and energetic self-healing

Your higher self is the highest state of consciousness you can express at this moment. This aspect of you is YOU in your truest and purest knowing form. This is where you find your highest levels of joy, harmony, and peace. Part 2 of the Meridian Energetics® Inner Child Meditation Program gives you the tools to connect with, integrate, and embody your higher self, allowing the clarity and confidence you've been seeking

What You Need to Know
  • If you are interested in the Inner Child Meditation Program, you must apply for a complimentary 20-minute exploration interview. This interview will give us a chance to meet and see if this program is right for you.

  • The Meridian Energetics® Inner Child Development Program includes10 sessions divided up into 2 parts (5 sessions in each part). 

    • Part 1: ​Focuses on inner child integration and energetic self-care

    • Part 2: Focuses on higher self integration and self-healing

  • Each session is 1-hour and will take place online via Zoom. Sessions will be scheduled at a 2-week interval     

  • To get the most from this program, a commitment to yourself and your growth through a daily meditation practice is needed. The program itself is designed to help you develop a practice and no previous meditation experience is necessary.  

Note:  All exercises are registered under the Meridian Energetics® trademark. Only certified practitioners are given permission to teach the exercises. Upon beginning the program, you agree not to teach or pass along any of the exercises you are given.



Part 1

Five 1-hour sessions


Part 2

Five 1-hour sessions

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