Remote Energy Healing 
 Meridian Energetics®

Transformation and support from the comfort of your home.

EVERYTHING is energy... and energy has no limits.

Energetic healing takes an approach that looks beyond the physical body and instead focuses on the most basic level of what we are... energy/ consciousness. With this in mind, our perceived physical limitations of space and time fall away and our ability to connect with consciousness and subtle energies in a limitless way takes form. Therefore, rather you are in the same room or the opposite side of the planet... the energetic awareness and impact is the same. 

The only limitations of consciousness and energy are the ones your mind place on it.

Remote Healing Sessions use a multi-modality approach to help you change the way you experience life.


This is where my:

experience as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPPC)


experience as Certified Meridian Energetics® Practitioner 


my passion for bringing awareness and understanding through teaching

all come together to support you in a most transformative way.  


This service is for you, if you are...

  • Looking to change the way you experience life!

What You Need to Know
  • If you are a first time client, please apply for a complimentary 20-minute exploration interview. This will give us an opportunity to connect and make sure this is the right service for you.

  • Sessions will take place online via Zoom, where we will remain connected through the entire session time.  

  • Each session will be 2-hours and is divide up into 3 parts:

    • Part 1: Assessment, exploration, and awareness. This will be a time to go over your wellness history, begin pinpointing the changes you desire, and expand your awareness and understanding of yourself and your experiences through coaching and mentorship. 

    • Part 2: Meridian Energetics® remote energy healing. This will be a time for you to simply relax while Sarah connects with your etheric body and energetically adjusts, moves, or removes areas of conscious and unconscious concern. The only thing you need to do during this time is relax and be open to the healing process. (During your initial 20-minute interview, and again prior to beginning this part of the session, Sarah will explain what to expect and will give you different options for Part 2).

    • Part 3: Debriefing and completion. This will be a time for you and Sarah each to share your experience during Part 2, as well as determine some steps for you to take in moving forward.  

  • It is best to ensure an environment that will be private, quiet, and comfortable for your session. Though distractions can happen, the more you are able to be fully present with our time, the better.

  • It is best to schedule sessions for a time that allows for low physical and mental stress afterward.    

  • You may experience emotional purging and/or light detoxification of the bowels or kidneys for 1 or 2 days after your session. This is a natural process of the body releasing issues, patterns, and vibrations in the physical form.

  • Initial Sessions: Because any kind of healing work is a progressive layered process, it is recommended to begin with three sessions over three consecutive weeks as an initial treatment plan. A 3 session package has been created to save on this initial treatment plan. 

  • Maintenance Sessions: Recommended as needed



Single Session



3 Session Package

Saving $75

Three 2-hour sessions

every 1-2 weeks

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